Natural swimming pool

Natural swimming pool

Sustainability doesn’t means loss of comfort

Here is an example of how the use of natural solutions can be really enjoyable and despite of the hard work, the results are amazing.

The Reddit user VonBubenberg read about the benefits of new green pools, and decided to build a space so on their own in the backyard, to enjoy with his family.
That was their yard when the project began in 2011. His children and he designed the entire project and chose the materials, space and shape of the pool.

The family planned to build a swimming pond/natural swimming pool all by themselves but an excavator is an almost necessary help for this kind of projects.
Here you can see the water conduit for the “fountain”. The conduits are all leading into the garage where the filter system will be.
Placement of the felt onto the whole future pond.
On top of the felt, they put one huge pond liner.
This is the filter system for circulating the water from the pond through those barrels.
They had to fill the pond with those heavy rocks.  
Two built in underwater lights
Their brave cat.
Starting of the deck
Source: VonBubenberg

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  1. Awesome! I am also very keen in these natural solutions and it’s interesting to know that there are more sustainable option. I am currently constructing a small swimming pool in Chonburi . Equipments and supplies are from Pool Master. You can see their impressive supplied on their website. They have been a big help in my swimming pool planning and costs. Thank you for sharing this. It’s very useful! Looking forward to similar posts in the future! 🙂


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