Bending Sticks

Bending Sticks

The work of Patrick Dougherty is generally not considered a natural building technique because its sole intent is the creation of ephemeral art and artistic inspiration. However, it serves as a powerful inspiration for new and creative ways of construction.
Dougherty’s work shows the potential of nature to express and inspire. The work also demonstrates the importance of the relationship between human and nature, both in art and in life.
Sustainable construction is not the only potential form of natural building. It also is a way of connection to a more natural part of ourselves along with stimulating our senses.

Just_Around_Summer-590 Close-Ties-590

childhood-dreams-590 Hocus-Pocus-exterior-590-port Hocus-Pocus-interior-590 River-Vessels-snow-590 Summer-Palace-590 Uff-Da Palace Night Shoot OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


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