PDF_Frontcover (1061x1500)Creating a learning environment where being able to work as a team and encourage the mutual learning is one of our main goals. We do believe in the importance of respecting earth, animals and people, and natural building is a perfect tool, a perfect way and a perfect end by itself. 
In this workshop we’ll learn about designing and building a house using natural and local materials, our hands and our creativity. The effects of the natural building ideas will traduce in a reduction of the negative impact and pressure on the earth animals and people, and also giving people the chance to play an active role in their own lives. Giving back the power people used to have.

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The ongoing workshops will run in two-week phases, where we will learn about the various techniques that embrace the world of natural building through practical and theoretical approaches (80-20% respectively).

By using sustainable materials such as straw, clay, bamboo, earth… we will learn about the different phases of natural building.

Additionally, the course will include opportunties for topics related to sustainability such as making pickles, recognition of local flora, natural cosmetics… etc; free choice up to the group.

The course will take place at Daruma Eco-farm, in the village of Bang Phra, Chonburi, located less than 100 km. away from Bangkok.

 Check out dates, prices, contents and location in our PROGRAM



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  1. Dearest people of Daruma,
    would like to come to your workshop for two weeks in October/November and I’m already looking for flights from Germany. Are there any times in these month when you don’t do workshops or are fully booked already?


    • Hi Luisa!
      So glad for your interest, but sorry to say that we’re done with Daruma eco-farm projects.
      We can tell you that there are many Natural Building projects running all over Thailand, so it won´t be too hard to find one up to your needs and dates.

      If you’re interested, send us an e-mail to earthandhands@gmail.com and we can suggest you some of the projects running on currently.

      Regards and good luck!


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